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About Us

Professional and personal

When you visit Dr. Collard’s office, you will notice several things that distinguish our practice:

Our Philosophy & Approach

Dr. Collard will personally meet with you at every visit. Known for his bedside manner, clear communication and straightforward approach, Dr. Collard believes patients with orthopedic needs should be treated by orthopedic specialists, rather than physician assistants or nurse practitioners. He never meets a patient for the first time on the day of surgery.

Your concerns will be heard and your questions answered. Dr. Collard is committed to listening to his patients. He will work hard to understand your condition, your needs and your expectations. If you have questions after an appointment, we encourage your phone calls.

You will receive a diagnosis and treatment recommendation that conforms to the best practices in orthopedic medicine. Whenever possible, Dr. Collard recommends conservative, non-surgical options. Surgical procedures are considered when conservative measures fail or surgery is absolutely necessary.

You will be educated on what to expect. Dr. Collard and his staff will provide you with the information you need to understand what to expect from your treatment. When a surgical solution is necessary, we provide you and your immediate family with information about the procedure, risks, complications and post-surgical rehabilitation process.

We will work with you to help you achieve the best possible outcome. That includes providing support throughout the healing process.