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Joint Replacements

Whether hip, knee or shoulder, learn more about these important replacement surgeries.

Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery is an option for those who, despite conservative treatment, continue to suffer from hip and groin pain. Conservative treatments include exercise, weight loss, physical therapy, medication and injections. In a hip replacement operation, the damaged articular surface of the hip joint is resurfaced with metal and plastic implants that help decrease pain and improve function.

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Knee Replacement   

If you suffer from arthritis in one or both knees, there are many conservative ways to control pain and stiffness, including exercise, weight control, physical therapy, medication, injections, bracing and arthroscopy.

When these therapies fail, you may be a candidate for a partial or total knee replacement. These surgeries can relieve arthritic pain, increase mobility and improve overall quality of life.

Total knee replacement surgery resurfaces the damaged articular surface of the knee joint with metal and plastic implants.

Partial knee replacement is an option for persons with focal arthritis that is limited to one area of the knee, presuming they have already exhausted more conservative treatments. As the name implies, a partial knee replacement impacts only a portion of your knee – the kneecap, medial compartment or lateral compartment. The medial compartment is most common. This procedure involves a smaller incision, less blood loss, a shorter hospital stay and quicker return to normal activities.

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Shoulder Replacement

While less common than hip and knee replacements, shoulder replacement surgery also has high rate of success and patient satisfaction. It is an option for those who have ongoing pain that affects daily living, despite other conservative treatment. Shoulder replacement surgery resurfaces both the shoulder’s ball and socket with metal and plastic implants.

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